Spectator Policy for EASD Baseball
March 28, 2021

Spectator Policy for EASD Baseball - Letter, Parents and Supporters of Easton Baseball - Please Read!!!

Online Apparel Store Now Open
March 27, 2021

The Easton Area High School Baseball Program is holding an online apparel sale.

The store opens today March 27th and will close on Friday April 2nd at Midnight.

Click here to access the Online Apparel Store

New SVSG Link for Spikes, Turfs, Helmets, Etc.
March 17, 2021

This store closes on Sunday at Midnight!

Required - Red Harper Spike, Black Turf shoe, and you must have a helmet of your own! I have some for purchase and you may purchase one here if you would like. This may be used in multiple years.

Junior Varsity:
Required - Spike Purchase - Your choice - Black Under Armour or Red Harpers
Turf Shoe is Optional
Helmet should be purchased in Red Matte
No Black, White or combination colors - I will have a few team helmets for emergency but with Covid we are not supposed to be sharing equipment per rules!

Nothing required but suggest helmet purchase and anything else you might like.

Click here to access the Online Apparel Store

Freshmen - Easton Baseball Tryouts
March 16, 2021

March 16-17, 2021
Tuesday and Wednesday - ALL WORKOUTS POSTPONED due to EAHS closure for Covid Mitigation.

Thursday March 18, 2021
Tryouts resume for Grade 9. Time will be posted on @roverbaseball Twitter on Wed evening or Thursday dependent on weather. Grade 8 will not practice Thursday but should watch Twitter for next practice time.

Varsity and JV teams should report after school at 2:40pm

  • Next Meeting
    Wednesday, January 16th
    EAHS, Room C111
  • Next Meeting
    Wednesday, January 16th
    EAHS, Room C111
Recent Results


 104/22Beth. Catholic W 8-1
 104/20@Freedom W 10-7

Junior Varsity

 204/23 @ Parkland
 204/20Freedom W 10-5


 304/23 @ Bangor MS
 304/20Bangor MS W 16-2

Upcoming Games


 205204/23ParklandVarsity4:00 PM
 201004/24FreedomVarsity3:30 PM
 201104/26 @ ParklandVarsity6:30 PM

Junior Varsity

 205304/23 @ ParklandJunior Varsity4:00 PM
 202804/24 @ FreedomJunior Varsity3:30 PM
 202904/26ParklandJunior Varsity4:00 PM


 204504/23 @ Bangor MSFreshmen4:00 PM

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03/27Bangor W 8-211:00 AM
04/03Wilson Area HS W 17-711:00 AM
04/06@Beth. Catholic W 16-04:00 PM
04/10Northampton L 4-23:00 PM
04/13@Liberty L 12-14:00 PM
04/14@Nazareth L 6-44:00 PM
04/16Nazareth W 4-24:00 PM
04/17@Northampton W 6-211:00 AM
04/20@Freedom W 10-74:00 PM
04/22Beth. Catholic W 8-12:00 PM
04/23Parkland4:00 PM
04/24Freedom3:30 PM
04/26 @ Parkland6:30 PM
04/28Central Cathlolic4:00 PM
04/30 @ E. Stroudsburg N4:00 PM
05/01Liberty1:00 PM
05/04Pocono Mt. East4:00 PM
05/06Dieruff4:00 PM
05/08 @ Stroudsburg4:00 PM
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03/27@Bangor W 17-011:00 AM
04/03@Wilson Area HS W 10-02:00 PM
04/06Beth. Catholic W 15-44:00 PM
04/10@Northampton L 11-104:00 PM
04/13Liberty L 9-24:00 PM
04/14Nazareth L 11-54:00 PM
04/16@Nazareth L 6-24:00 PM
04/17Northampton W 6-211:00 AM
04/20Freedom W 10-54:00 PM
04/23 @ Parkland4:00 PM
04/24 @ Freedom3:30 PM
04/26Parkland4:00 PM
04/28 @ Central Catholic4:00 PM
04/30E. Stroudsburg N4:00 PM
05/01 @ Beth. Catholic12:00 PM
05/01 @ Liberty1:00 PM
05/04 @ Pocono Mt. East4:00 PM
05/06 @ Dieruff4:00 PM
05/08Stroudsburg4:00 PM
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03/29@Whitehall L 13-34:00 PM
04/07@Bangor MS L 7-64:00 PM
04/09Whitehall MS W 4-34:00 PM
04/17@Governor Mifflin W 11-011:00 AM
04/17@Governor Mifflin W 7-11:00 PM
04/19@Whitehall MS W 14-44:00 PM
04/20Bangor MS W 16-24:00 PM
04/23 @ Bangor MS4:00 PM
04/27Whitehall MS4:00 PM
05/03Bangor MS4:00 PM
05/05 @ Whitehall MS4:00 PM
05/10 @ Bangor MS4:00 PM
05/12Whitehall MS4:00 PM
05/15Bangor MS10:00 AM