Zoned Training Begins Sunday - January 10, 2021
January 6, 2021

All players who signed up for Zoned Sports Training should report this Sunday the 10th to the training facility for the 11:30am-1:00pm workout. Transportation is the responsibility of the participants this year due to Covid. There is no EASD bus transportation.

1. You MUST complete the WAIVER electronically in this announcement below prior to Sunday. If you do not have this completed you may not work out.

2. Parents unfortunately will not be allowed into the training facility due to Covid protocol and the % number the facility needs to operate at. There are numerous restaurants nearby and commercial businesses for their use during the wait time of the workout.

3. Zoned Sports Academy - 24 Kearney St. - Bridgewater, NJ. 08807
Phone - 732-537-1770.
Coach LaDuca - laducac@eastonsd.org

4. Please wear baseball gear, hat, etc. Those who have the red shorts and white shirt please wear them from fall baseball.

5. Payment will be made to Easton Baseball - $200 on Sunday at check in to Coach LaDuca

6 Enter the building at 11:20 (no sooner) due to Covid protocol for the temperature check and to prepare for the workout which begins at 11:30 sharp. The workout will end exactly at 1pm.

7. All questions or concerns should be directed to Coach LaDuca at laducac@eastonsd.org

Please fill out the COVID Waiver below for Zoned Sports asap and no later than Sunday the 10th before 11:30am.

Dear Zoned Parents/Guardians,

For your convenience, we have made the 2020 Covid-19 Zoned Waiver and Release Agreement an online document to save time and paper.

Completion of the Zoned Waiver and Release Agreement is required of all Zoned families prior to attending a lesson or training at Zoned Sports Academy.

Please Click Here For The Zoned Waiver and Release Agreement

We want our environment to reflect our motto of educate, motivate, and dominate giving you the best experience while having fun in the most safe way. For everyone’s safety face mask will be required for all individual who come into the facility. We appreciate your corporation in creating the new norm.

Thank you!

Easton Baseball Zoned Sports Training. - Jan./Feb. 2021
December 23, 2020

Please Read the following important information regarding Zoned Training for January and February 2021 for Easton Baseball.

Please complete the information spreadsheet as soon as possible but no later than Tuesday Jan. 5, 2021. Payment will be expected in full before the first session and will be collected through Jan. 8, 2021. This is not an EASD affiliated program.

Zoned Sports
24 Kearney St
Bridgewater Township, NJ 08807
(732) 537-1770

Contacts: Steve Nikorak / Duke Baxter
Price $200 per player Payable to Easton Baseball

8 Sundays (11:30am-1:00pm) Jan 10,17,24,31 and Feb. 7,14,21,28 (PA Baseball Tryouts Begin March 8, 2021)

Transportation will NOT be provided this training year as in the past because there are no field trips by buses during Covid being allowed. You must be able to transport yourself or carpool with others.

Current Law - PA Residents traveling into New Jersey do NOT need to quarantine or have a Covid test as long as you do not remain in NJ for more than 24 hours.

Zoned Training COVID policy: All players must fill out a waiver before attending the first session of training. (Available Later from Coach LaDuca) All coaches & players must wear masks when entering the building and when going through training. We are running at 25% capacity. Temperature checks will be taken daily. If we get shut down at any point, Easton Baseball will have a credit for whatever training has not been completed.

We will create small group - position specific training, hitting groups, pitching & arm care programs etc. This credit will never expire.

Easton Baseball Delivers Christmas Trees to EASD Families
December 12, 2020

2020 Christamas Tree Community Support

On December 9th and 10th, the Easton Baseball program proudly delivered community service by bringing Christmas Trees, Ornaments, Presents, and Gift Cards to less fortunate EASD families.

We would like to thank the very special people who donated items, ornaments, and financial donations towards trees for these families. We could not have done this without your kindness and generosity. We are proud of our players, parents, and supporters for making this an impactful event each year for our players and the children of the EASD community.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

2020 Cookie Sale Fundraiser
December 1, 2020

Easton Baseball is offering a Cookie Sale Fundraiser for the Christmas holiday period.

Please see the attached order forms for details on type of cookies, price, and dates. All orders must be given to Coach LaDuca electronically through email or at Christmas Tree Sales by Monday, December 7th.

Payment can be made in person at pick up or given to Coach LaDuca prior to pick up. Pick-up scheduled for Tuesday, December 16th. Pick up location details to be announced at a later date.

Any questions should be directed to Coach LaDuca at laducac@eastonsd.org

Click here to download the Cookie Fundraiser Product Details
Click here to download the Cookie Fundraiser Order Form

  • Next Meeting
    Wednesday, January 16th
    EAHS, Room C111
  • Next Meeting
    Wednesday, January 16th
    EAHS, Room C111
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04/24Liberty - PPD4:00 PM
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