Parent Help Needed for Acton Boxborough, April 20 for Varsity and JV games
April 10, 2024

Varsity and JV parents - we are in need of your help in providing a picnic style meal for the players and coaches from Acton MA. as we host them in a few weeks. We will also be feeding any visiting parents and the Rover Baseball players. Attached is a link for a Sign UP genius provided by several of our parents who are organizing for that day. Please consider signing up for bringing in goods like cases of water and soda and other foods for the day.

Any questions please contact Coach LaDuca at laducac@eastonsd.org or Mrs Dawn Ackerman at ackermand@eastonsd,org or Mrs Jill Talijan at jad1207@rcn.com.

Thank you kindly!

Click here for the Acton-Boxboro Sign-up Form

Important Phillipsburg Game Ticket Announcement
March 25, 2024

On Friday May 3 - The Easton and Phillipsburg baseball teams will meet at Coca Cola Park. Two Suites will be designated behind home plate for Easton Families and tickets for those who wish to purchase them will be $25 and will include a full Iron Pigs Suite menu of food and soft drink beverages for an hour prior and through the duration of the game. Tickets are going fast since the announcement and are becoming very limited.

Please contact me at laducac@eastonsd.org immediately if you would like to reserve them. They are on a first come first serve basis and are going fast! All other tickets for other seats in the stadium will be $5 and will be available at a later date as information will follow.

March 10, 2024

Monday - March 18,2024, 6:00pm
Lehigh Valley BBQ
270 E. Kleinhans Street (Formerly Castel Club - South Side Easton)

Goal: To gather all members of the Easton Baseball community past and present to share in the rich traditions of this storied program and to celebrate the 2024 young men who will be writing the next chapters of their part in Easton Baseball.

Program begins at 6pm

All players are paid for by the Easton Baseball Diamond Club
Additional guests will be $30 / Children under 13 will be $15 payable to "Easton Baseball Diamond Club"
Dress: All players are to be in Suit/Jacket and Tie for the event and are required to attend with their teammates. Parents and Guests may be in casual attire. Payment can be given to your child's coach by Saturday March 16, 2024.
If you are in need of a jacket – our staff will make sure that we have some for those in need – please let the coaches know if you are in need of help.
Must have a count by Wed. March 13 by 9pm

Please go to www.roverbaseball and click on link to complete google form – with number of adults and children attending. Do not put the player in your count – just additional guests! Varsity and JV can complete the form immediately and the Junior HIgh will do so as soon as the team is picked on Tuesday.


Beef Brisket
Pulled Pork
Tuscan Chicken with Orzo
Seasoned Grilled Chicken
Classic Mac and Cheese
Oven Roasted Potatoes with Vegetables
Italian Antipasto Salad
Texas Cowboy Baked Beans
Slider Rolls, Corn Bread, Signature Sauces
Soft Drinks – Non-Alcoholic Beverages (Coke Products)
Iced Tea, Water, Hot Tea, and Coffee
Dessert – Assorted Mini Cheesecake Bites and Mini Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bites

If you have a special dietary need – please email me at laducac@eastonsd.org

Click here to RSVP

Easton Baseball Cleat and Turf Store: 2024
February 28, 2024

Please click on the link below to go to the BSN store that provides us with the spike and turfs we are wearing as a varsity this year. JV and Junior High may also purchase anything on the store. The store is active between now and March 25th. Anything purchased can be returned if not used if anyone is worrying about making the team etc. You can purchase in stages also from a financial standpoint if you wish. First games are March 19. Items will be directly shipped to your home!

Varsity will be responsible for Spikes, Turfs, and White helmets - all other store items are completely optional. The Nike Huarache White and Red and Black Air Diamond Trainers turfs are the shoes the varsity will wear and are required.

Junior Varsity and Junior High we recommend you buy the same but there is also a black molded pair on the store as well. You may also buy your own black spikes , etc. JV and Freshmen will continue to wear red or black helmets that we will provide. We will not wear slides, crocs, or other type shoes on buses etc to games and practices. Please have sneakers or turf shoes.

Any questions you may have regarding this store can be directed to me at laducac@eastonsd.org

Click here to access the BSN Store

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  • Next Meeting
    Wednesday, August 16th
    EAHS Library
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 104/20Acton-Boxboro W 10-1
 104/19@E. Stroudsburg N W 24-6
 104/18@Nazareth W 6-5

Junior Varsity

 204/20Acton-Boxboro W 16-8
 204/19E. Stroudsburg N W 16-0


 304/20@Palisades W 13-1

Upcoming Games


 321704/22DieruffVarsity4:00 PM
 321804/24 @ FreedomVarsity4:00 PM

Junior Varsity

 323804/22 @ DieruffJunior Varsity4:00 PM
 323904/24FreedomJunior Varsity4:00 PM


 325304/22Moravian AcademyFreshmen4:00 PM
 325904/23 @ Saucon ValleyFreshmen4:00 PM

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03/19@Dieruff W 12-24:00 PM
03/21Northampton W 5-34:00 PM
03/25@Stroudsburg L 8-74:00 PM
04/08@Liberty L 2-04:45 PM
04/10Parkland L 9-54:00 PM
04/15Freedom L 11-14:00 PM
04/18@Nazareth W 6-56:30 PM
04/19@E. Stroudsburg N W 24-64:00 PM
04/20Acton-Boxboro W 10-111:00 AM
04/22Dieruff4:00 PM
04/24 @ Freedom4:00 PM
04/25Beth. Catholic4:00 PM
04/27Pocono Mt. East2:00 PM
04/28 @ Central Catholic1:00 PM
04/30Liberty4:00 PM
05/02Nazareth4:00 PM
05/03Phillipsburg7:00 PM
05/04Abington11:00 AM
05/06 @ Beth. Catholic4:00 PM
05/10West Chester East5:00 PM
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03/19Dieruff W 13-34:00 PM
03/21@Northampton L 10-94:00 PM
03/25Stroudsburg W 8-74:00 PM
04/06Pocono Mt. East L 7-610:00 AM
04/08Liberty W 7-64:45 PM
04/10Nazareth W 6-14:00 PM
04/15@Freedom W 5-44:00 PM
04/16@Parkland L 7-54:00 PM
04/19E. Stroudsburg N W 16-04:00 PM
04/20Acton-Boxboro W 16-82:00 PM
04/22 @ Dieruff4:00 PM
04/24Freedom4:00 PM
04/26 @ Beth. Catholic4:00 PM
04/27Phillipsburg2:00 PM
04/30 @ Liberty4:00 PM
05/02 @ Nazareth4:00 PM
05/04Abington11:00 AM
05/06Beth. Catholic4:00 PM
05/11West Chester East10:00 AM
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03/22Bangor W 12-24:00 PM
03/25@Stroudsburg L 7-64:00 PM
04/06@Notre Dame G.P. W 18-111:00 AM
04/09Saucon Valley W 4-14:00 PM
04/13@Central Catholic W 11-311:00 AM
04/15Northwestern Lehigh L 7-44:00 PM
04/17@Whitehall L 7-34:00 PM
04/20@Palisades W 13-11:00 PM
04/22Moravian Academy4:00 PM
04/23 @ Saucon Valley4:00 PM
04/26 @ Bangor4:00 PM
04/27Phillipsburg10:00 AM
05/03 @ Moravian Academy4:00 PM
05/04 @ Catasauqua11:00 AM
05/07Notre Dame G.P.4:00 PM
05/11West Chester East5:00 PM