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November 2, 2021

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Fall Baseball Schedule - Week of Sept. 27-30
September 26, 2021

Monday - JV Game - Home - Kunkle Field 4pm - Becahi

Tuesday - Varsity Game - Northampton - Kunkle Field -4pm

Wednesday - JV Away @ Nazareth Intermediate School - 4pm

Thursday - Varsity - Central Catholic @ Coplay - 4pm

Fall Baseball - Week of Sept 20-23, 2021
September 19, 2021

Monday 9/20
Practice for Varsity on Varsity Field 2:45pm
JV Game on Kunkle vs Becahi 4pm (Coach Kanusky assigns team)

Tuesday 9/21
Varsity game on Kunkle vs Central Catholic 4pm

Wednesday 9/22
JV game on Kunkle 4pm Central Catholic (Coach Kanusky Assigned Team)

Thursday 9/23
Varsity game on Kunkle Tract 4 pm vs PM East

Fall Baseball Week of Sept. 13-16
September 12, 2021

Varsity - Practice Tuesday 2:45pm
Game Wed vs Bethlehem Catholic at 4pm Home

JV - Players were told there would be practice Tuesday 9/14 at 2:45pm (Kunkle Field) at their first practice. There is NO scrimmage Monday as originally posted. Players are encouraged to listen to the instructions given to them at each practice. Teams will be divided into Red and White teams and told Tuesday which team they are on and when they will be playing each week. Weather and other factors will determine weekly who plays when. Direct contact and questions should be sent to Coach Ryan Kanusky at kanuskyr@eastonsd.org

All players will be playing in each contest and we have the ability to bat more than 9 players and make defensive substitutions at any time. Reentry for all players is possible as well! The Fall league is developmental and no statistics will be kept on Game Changer Apps etc. The goal is to get all players the opportunity to improve their skills in a competitive environment!

Coach Kanusky will let all players know who is playing in game 1 on Wed. A schedule will be given thereafter for all players. The schedule is fluid and may change weekly again due to weather etc.

  • Next Meeting
    Wednesday, January 16th
    EAHS, Room C111
  • Next Meeting
    Wednesday, January 16th
    EAHS, Room C111
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03/27Bangor W 8-211:00 AM
04/03Wilson Area HS W 17-711:00 AM
04/06@Beth. Catholic W 16-04:00 PM
04/10Northampton L 4-23:00 PM
04/13@Liberty L 12-14:00 PM
04/14@Nazareth L 6-44:00 PM
04/16Nazareth W 4-24:00 PM
04/17@Northampton W 6-211:00 AM
04/20@Freedom W 10-74:00 PM
04/22Beth. Catholic W 8-12:00 PM
04/23Parkland L 11-04:00 PM
04/24Freedom L 12-03:30 PM
04/26@Parkland L 11-14:00 PM
04/28Central Cathlolic W 17-74:00 PM
04/30@E. Stroudsburg N W 20-24:00 PM
05/01Liberty W 7-61:00 PM
05/04Pocono Mt. East W 6-04:00 PM
05/06Dieruff W 5-44:00 PM
05/07@Phillipsburg W 6-24:00 PM
05/08@Stroudsburg W 12-62:30 PM
05/15@Pleasant Valley L 9-32:00 PM
05/25@Pleasant Valley W 13-53:00 PM
05/27@Emmaus L 3-24:00 PM
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03/27@Bangor W 17-011:00 AM
04/03@Wilson Area HS W 10-02:00 PM
04/06Beth. Catholic W 15-44:00 PM
04/10@Northampton L 11-104:00 PM
04/13Liberty L 9-24:00 PM
04/14Nazareth L 11-54:00 PM
04/16@Nazareth L 6-24:00 PM
04/17Northampton W 6-211:00 AM
04/20Freedom W 10-54:00 PM
04/23@Parkland L 13-04:00 PM
04/24@Freedom L 7-33:30 PM
04/26Parkland W 15-114:00 PM
04/28@Central Catholic W 17-54:00 PM
05/01@Liberty L 15-012:30 PM
05/01@Beth. Catholic W 12-33:00 PM
05/04@Pocono Mt. East W 13-34:00 PM
05/06@Dieruff W 26-24:00 PM
05/07@Phillipsburg W 16-24:00 PM
05/08Stroudsburg W 7-22:30 PM
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03/29@Whitehall L 13-34:00 PM
04/07@Bangor MS L 7-64:00 PM
04/09Whitehall MS W 4-34:00 PM
04/17@Governor Mifflin W 11-011:00 AM
04/17@Governor Mifflin W 7-11:00 PM
04/19@Whitehall MS W 14-44:00 PM
04/20Bangor MS W 16-24:00 PM
04/23@Bangor MS W 11-44:00 PM
04/29Whitehall MS L 9-54:00 PM
05/03Bangor MS W 13-34:00 PM
05/07Phillipsburg W 3-24:00 PM
05/11@Whitehall MS L 4-34:00 PM
05/12Whitehall MS W 13-84:00 PM
05/17@Bangor MS W 11-14:00 PM
05/18@Phillipsburg L 11-14:00 PM