Easton Baseball Zoned Sports Workouts begin Sunday Jan. 7
January 5, 2018

ALL PLAYERS who signed up for the workouts with Coach LaDuca should report. Players who asked me about any available spots may come also as there are several available spots. If you have questions please contact me at laducac@eastonsd.org as soon as possible.

With the cancellation of school Thursday and Friday due to weather related issues we were unable to meet as originally scheduled for the St. Luke's Workout on Thursday after school. As I explained in our Tuesday meeting we would begin the workout program on Sunday as scheduled.

1. There will be an Easton Area School District Bus provided for all players for transportation at no cost to you. ALL PLAYERS are to take this transportation unless previously arranged with Coach LaDuca and your parents. It will pick us up in the Lower parking lot at 10:15 am Sunday. Please be prompt and ready to board at 10:10am. The workout is scheduled for 11:30am-1:00pm. We will immediately return to EAHS and should arrive for pickup at 1:45-2:00pm.

2. Players who have not paid fro the workouts MUST bring a check or money as they board the bus Sunday. This was due Thursday Jan 4 but with no school the past few days Sunday will be fine.

3. Bring your bat bag with helmet, glove, turf shoes or sneakers, and bats. Please try to wear sweatpants or baseball pants, an Easton Baseball shirt if possible or some sort of Easton clothing and a baseball hat. We will talk about some sort of uniform dress code at a later date.

4. This is a tremendous opportunity to participate in a highly regarded instructional program as a team of guys from Easton. Let's represent our school and program in an excellent fashion. Please hustle, listen to the instructors, and be prepared to give your all for the workout. Again - questions regarding the workouts or on financials please see me or write me an email at laducac@eastonsd.org

Winter Sports Training at Zoned 2018
December 22, 2017

The Easton High School Baseball program is providing a unique opportunity to help your son train this winter in a professional indoor facility with top - notch instruction from people with professional experience and knowledge. Our program has been offered the chance to have the entire facility reserved for our boys 8 straight Sundays from 11:30am-1:00pm beginning Jan. 7, 2018.

We are looking to organize travel arrangements. The trip is about 35 minutes from Easton.
The Facility is called - Zoned Sports Academy and is located at 24 Kearney Street in Bridgewater, NJ….website is www.zonedinc.com / Phone # is 732-537-1770.

Players will receive on each Sunday instruction on all facets of the game. Pitchers and Catchers will receive specific instruction as well as infielders and outfielders. All players will hit and be instructed in batting cage work and also face live pitchers with the expertise of professional instructors along with members of the Easton coaching staff.

Most importantly – this opportunity will give all of our boys a chance to improve their skills in a no stress environment with all of their teammates in a non-tryout setting. All grades are welcome. Grades 8-12 are the range and we currently have 37 boys signed up in all of those grades.

Cost of the program will be $200 per player for the 8 lessons made payable to the Easton Baseball Diamond Club. This payment must be made by Thursday - Jan. 4, 2018.

Questions can be sent to laducac@eastonsd.org in email form.

Thank you!
Easton Baseball Coaching Staff

Christmas Tree Sale and Cookie Fundraiser
November 29, 2017

Easton Baseball is offering a Cookie Sale Fundraiser for the Christmas holiday period.

Please see the attached order forms for details on price. All orders must be given to any baseball coach by December 11th. Pick-up scheduled for Wednesday, December, 21st. Site details to be announced at a later date.

Any questions should be directed to Coach LaDuca at laducac@eastonsd.org

Click here to download the Cookie Fundraiser Product Details
Click here to download the Cookie Fundraiser Order Form

The Easton Area High School Baseball Team is selling Christmas Trees as a fundraiser this holiday season. Trees are sold right off the Easton High Baseball Field located off the Route 22 Exit Ramp and 25th street entrance to EAHS.

Douglas and Fraser Firs are available in various heights.
$35 for 6-7 foot trees, $40 for 7-8 ft. trees (Douglas or Fraser)
$45 for Douglas 8-10 ft. and $50 for Fraser Fir 8-10 ft. trees.

Hours: 4-8pm Week nights / 10am-7pm Weekends

Sale begins – Wednesday - Nov. 29, 2017 until stock is gone.

Support the EAHS Baseball Team and have a great Holiday Season! Visit www.roverbaseball.com for details and news!

Baseball St. Luke's Fitness and Training to Begin on Tuesday Oct. 31
October 26, 2017

Baseball will train on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting Tuesday Oct. 31 at 2:30 in the weight room.

All players between grades 9-12 are welcome to attend and should report Tuesday after school.

Tuesday will be an overview of the weight room and the program including the cardio and speed and agility training.

Thursday each person will be tested in several categories by the St. Luke's staff here at the high school.

Physical activity will take place each day. Participants should wear sneakers, shorts and t-shirt. Sweatshirts should be available dependent upon weather for outdoor training. Release time should be around 4pm.

If there are any questions please see a coach in the building or contact Coach Hess or Coach LaDuca.

  • Next Meeting
    Wednesday February 1
    EAHS, Room C111
  • Next Meeting
    Wednesday February 1
    EAHS, Room C111
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