Varsity - Fall Baseball Schedule 2020
September 16, 2020

Varsity - Fall Baseball Schedule 2020

Date Opponent Location Game Time
Tuesday September 15 Central Catholic Home 4pm
Thursday September 17 Freedom Home 4pm
Wednesday September 23 Nazareth Home 4pm
Thursday September 24 Pocono Mountain East Home 4pm
Tuesday September 29 Northampton Home 4pm
Thursday October 1 Whitehall Home 4pm
Tuesday October 6 Bye N/A N/A
Tuesday October 14 @Freedom Freemansburg 3:30pm
Thursday October 15 @ Central Catholic Egypt 4pm
Thursday October 19 @ Nazareth Boro Park 4pm
Tuesday October 20 Pocono Mountain East Home 4pm
Thursday October 22 @ Whitehall Coplay 4pm

Single Elimination Tournament – Week of Oct 26-30

Fall Baseball Practice Update
September 15, 2020

Junior Varsity practice (Grades 8-10) will be held on Thursday Sept 17 at 5pm on the Kunkle JV baseball field on the campus of EAHS. Players need to bring a mask and their own water bottle. Players will be asked to fill out an electronic form at practice from a QR form and will have their temperature taken due to the covid pandemic requirements set in place for safe return to play.

Any questions regarding this practice can be sent to Coach John Bisco at biscoj@eastonsd.org

Fall Baseball 2020: Announcement
August 31, 2020

Due to Covid19 and some restrictions by the EASD - the fall baseball experience will have a different look in 2020. Please follow Twitter @roverbaseball. And website www.roverbaseball.com for up to date information at all times.

We will be moving forward with a fall baseball program. Prospective players will be given all the information regarding specific protocols to follow in person at our first meetings and practices. Games are played on weekdays – Monday to Thursday and no weekend games are scheduled. Varsity games will be Tuesday and Thursday. JV can be M-TH. The fall baseball program is one where players can play the game and practice in an environment of development that focuses on becoming better players for tryouts in the spring.

Some basics changes will include wearing masks at all times on the field and in the dugouts with the exception of times of actually playing the game. Hand sanitizer will be readily available in our dugouts. Players should specifically bring their own drinks and are required to have their own equipment.

Players interested in playing this fall will be as in the past required to pay a fee to play. (See below) This is because the league is a privately funded league and has costs related to it from baseballs, player insurance, umpire fees, league fees, field fees, etc. The Fall baseball teams have no affiliation with the EASD in any way. No transportation is provided and please do not call the athletic office regarding anything to do with fall baseball.

We will have a Varsity team that will compete against the following list of schools at local fields. No High school fields are being used due to Covid and the schools’ non- willingness to allow these competitions because they are not PIAA sanctioned. Easton will be using Fairview Park as our home field this fall. We are able to practice at EAHS but aren’t able to play there. Typically, we play 8-10 games with a tournament at the end of the league.

Central Catholic
Pocono Mountain East

Players going into Grades 10-12 for the 2020-21 school year will be considered for varsity fall placement. Some players may be asked to play JV games and some varsity games at times dependent on ability and positional needs. Flexible rosters will be used. All seniors will play varsity level fall ball at times.

JV games will be scheduled as well with these schools and will also use Fairview Park as s home field. At times we will intrasquad scrimmage as well.

JV teams will be made up of grades 9-10 primarily but will include some grade 11 players at times and we will have a limited number of spots for players entering grade 8.

Financial amounts will be set very soon once the league gives us the fees schedule etc. Typically, it falls in the $125 range but we expect it to be slightly higher because this year we are adding a few things for our players.

Players will be receiving the following in the fee: This fee will be finalized this week.

Red game shirt – used for Fall games
White workout tee with Easton Baseball – Used for weight training and Zoned training in winter

Red shorts with Easton Baseball – Same as above

Red Matte Helmet – for those who have not purchased one to date – all players need their own helmet in red for our program because of not sharing equipment and uniform requirements.

Players should fill out the following Google Form for me so I have all contact information and sizes needed. Helmet sizes will be discussed at practice for those who need one.

Any questions – please refer them directly to laducac@eastonsd.org

Google Form Link below: Please fill out ASAP... no later than Wed. morning Sept. 2 at 9am.

Click here to access the Fall Baseball Form

Fall Baseball
August 10, 2020

The Easton Baseball program is moving forward with a fall baseball program as we have in recent years because we believe it is an important part of the development of our program. Covid 19 has changed the landscape of what is happening currently though. So until we know exactly what is happening with school and the PIAA and sports in the fall for sure, the information we currently have is not finalized and we as of this time don't know whether we will be able to use school facilities or not. Our intention is to have a fall league with other schools as in the past playing at least twice during the week.

When specific information becomes available - we will distribute that immediately and that information will be posted here at www.roverbaseball.com and also on Twitter @roverbaseball

Soon there will be a sign up registration sheet that will be posted or directions to follow for those who are interested....please pay close attention to the website and Twitter for details. Any questions may be directed to laducac@eastonsd.org

Thank you!

  • Next Meeting
    Wednesday, January 16th
    EAHS, Room C111
  • Next Meeting
    Wednesday, January 16th
    EAHS, Room C111
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03/21Hazelton - PPD11:00 AM
03/24Liberty - PPD4:00 PM
03/26 @ Dieruff - PPD4:00 PM
03/30Allen - PPD4:00 PM
04/01Freedom - PPD4:00 PM
04/04Pottsville - PPD11:00 AM
04/07 @ Parkland - PPD4:45 PM
04/09Central Cathlolic - PPD12:00 PM
04/13 @ Beth. Catholic - PPD4:00 PM
04/14 @ E. Stroudsburg N - PPD4:00 PM
04/16Pocono Mt. East - PPD4:00 PM
04/18Voorhees - PPD1:00 PM
04/20Northampton - PPD4:00 PM
04/22 @ Stroudsburg - PPD4:00 PM
04/24 @ Liberty - PPD4:00 PM
04/27Dieruff - PPD4:00 PM
04/29 @ Allen - PPD4:15 PM
05/01 @ Freedom - PPD4:00 PM
05/02 @ Phillipsburg - PPD4:00 PM
05/04Beth. Catholic - PPD4:00 PM
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03/21Hazelton - PPD11:00 AM
03/24 @ Liberty - PPD4:00 PM
03/26Dieruff - PPD4:00 PM
03/30 @ Allen - PPD4:00 PM
04/01 @ Freedom - PPD4:00 PM
04/03Beth. Catholic - PPD4:00 PM
04/04 @ Pottsville - PPD1:00 PM
04/07Parkland - PPD4:00 PM
04/09 @ Central Catholic - PPD4:00 PM
04/14E. Stroudsburg N - PPD4:00 PM
04/16 @ Pocono Mt. East - PPD4:00 PM
04/18Voorhees - PPD1:00 PM
04/20 @ Northampton4:00 PM
04/22Stroudsburg - PPD4:00 PM
04/24Liberty - PPD4:00 PM
04/27 @ Dieruff - PPD4:00 PM
04/29Allen - PPD4:00 PM
05/01Freedom - PPD4:00 PM
05/02 @ Phillipsburg - PPD1:00 PM
05/04 @ Beth. Catholic - PPD4:00 PM
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03/27 @ East Stroudsburg S - PPD4:00 PM
03/28Hazleton - PPD11:00 AM
03/28Hazleton - PPD1:00 PM
03/31 @ Stroudsburg Intermediate - PPD4:00 PM
04/03 @ Bangor - PPD10:00 AM
04/06Wilson West Lawn - PPD4:15 PM
04/08 @ Pleasant Valley MS - PPD4:00 PM
04/15East Stroudsburg N - PPD4:00 PM
04/20Phillipsburg - PPD4:00 PM
04/25Govenor Mifflin - PPD10:00 AM
04/25Govenor Mifflin - PPD12:00 PM
04/28Pocono Mt East - PPD4:00 PM
04/30 @ Pocono Mt. West Jr. HS - PPD4:00 PM
05/02 @ Phillipsburg - PPD10:00 AM
05/05 @ North Hunderton - PPD4:15 PM
05/06 @ Wilson West Lawn - PPD4:00 PM
05/09Whitehall MS - PPD10:00 AM
05/09Whitehall MS - PPD12:00 PM