Varsity Fall Baseball Game Postponed
September 5, 2023

The Varsity Fall Baseball Game postponed today vs Saucon Valley will be made up Wed. Sept 6 on the Varsity Field with a 5pm start. Heat restrictions and announcements will be made by administration during the school day about games and contests. No matter what decision is made - Varsity players will report to the weight room at 2:30 - 3:00pm for an instructional lift session with James Farley. Varsity will practice for 60 minutes after the lifting session if the game is postponed due to heat restrictions. If we can play, the game begins at 5pm.

JV will play Freedom on the Kunkle baseball field at 5pm also. Players should report at 4pm unless you see on Twitter there is a postponement. Follow instructions there.

Follow Twitter for updates if needed throughout the day Wednesday!

2023 Fall Baseball Schedules
September 5, 2023

Varsity - Main Field: 4pm

Tuesday - Sept 5 at Home vs. Saucon Valley

Tuesday - Sept 12 at Home vs Freedom
Wednesday - Sept 13 at Home vs Northampton
Thursday - Sept 14 at Home vs. Nazareth

Wednesday Sept 20 at Home vs Becahi
Thursday Sept 21 at Home vs. Saucon Valley

Tuesday Sept 26 at Northampton
Wednesday Sept 27 at Freedom

Wednesday Oct 4 at Nazareth (Intermediate School)
Thursday Oct 5 at Home vs. Becahi

Post -Season Single Elimination Tournament - Begins week of Oct 9, 2023

Junior Varsity - 4pm

Wednesday Sept 6 - Freedom - Varsity Field

Monday Sept 11 - Becahi - Kunkle Field
Wednesday - Sept 13 at Nazareth (Intermediate School)

Wednesday Sept 20 - Becahi - Kunkle Field

Monday Sept 25 - Northampton - Kunkle Field

Monday Oct 2 - Nazareth - Kunkle Field
Wednesday Oct 4 - at Freedom

Monday Oct. 9 at Northampton
Wednesday Oct 11 on Varsity Field - Red vs White

Fall Baseball Information
August 30, 2023

Varsity Practice - Grades 11-12 and returning Varsity players will be held Wed. and TH. Aug 30-31 after school at 2:45pm on the Varsity Field. Players should be wearing hats and baseball pants and Easton baseball T - Shirt. Uniform shirts and hats for games will be distributed at these practices. You will need white baseball pants and red socks and red belts. Please bring your fall ball payment to practice for $150 to "Easton Baseball" if you haven't already done so.

Varsity will play Tuesday Sept. 5 at 4pm at Home against Saucon Valley. This will be the only game in week 1.

Full Schedule will be posted later this week.

JV fall baseball players will follow this practice schedule below:

Thursday August 31 - 8th graders only report to Kunkle Tract baseball field at EAHS at 4:15pm for a 4:30-6:30 practice.

Grades 9-10 will practice Tuesday Sept 5 immediately after school from 2:30-4:00pm and then 8th graders will report again at 4pm until 5:30. Uniforms shirts and hats will be given out at these practices for the first game which will be at Home on the Kunkle Field at 4pm on Wed. Sept 6 against Freedom. You will need black socks and belts and white baseball pants. Please bring your fall ball payment to practice for $150 to "Easton Baseball" if you haven't already done so.

Full Schedule will be posted later this week.

Fall Baseball Announcement
August 28, 2023
Varsity Fall baseball practice will be held after school on Wednesday and Thursday, August 30-31 at 2:45pm

JV - Grades 8-9-10 will be announced shortly. Stay tuned here and on Twitter

First Games: Full schedule will be posted this week:

Varsity vs Saucon Valley at Home on Tuesday Sept. 5 at 4pm
JV - will play Wed. Sept 6 at Home vs Freedom - Kunkle Tract field 4pm

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04/17@Liberty L 4-04:00 PM
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04/25@Dieruff W 11-14:00 PM
04/27Beth. Catholic L 9-54:00 PM
05/05@Acton-Boxboro W 1-04:00 PM
05/07@Nazareth L 10-51:00 PM
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03/21@Dieruff W 19-24:00 PM
03/27Pocono Mt. West W 10-04:00 PM
03/29Beth. Catholic L 7-54:00 PM
04/03@Allen W 12-04:00 PM
04/05E. Stroudsburg S W 13-04:00 PM
04/06West Chester East W 14-11:00 PM
04/08@Whitehall L 6-512:00 PM
04/11@Freedom W 8-24:00 PM
04/13@Nazareth W 20-124:00 PM
04/17Liberty L 6-44:00 PM
04/19Emmaus W 6-54:00 PM
04/21@Pleasant Valley W 6-54:00 PM
04/22@Phillipsburg W 9-62:00 PM
04/25Dieruff W 14-14:00 PM
04/27@Beth. Catholic W 1-04:00 PM
05/05@Acton-Boxboro W 3-24:00 PM
05/08@Liberty L 12-04:00 PM
05/09Freedom L 7-24:00 PM
05/10Nazareth W 14-04:00 PM
05/13@Hazleton W 14-512:00 PM
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03/24@Bangor L 11-74:00 PM
03/31@Moravian Academy W 16-04:15 PM
04/03@Saucon Valley L 5-24:00 PM
04/04Notre Dame G.P. L 9-34:00 PM
04/06West Chester East L 12-71:00 PM
04/12Central Catholic W 13-34:00 PM
04/13Stroudsburg L 14-04:00 PM
04/14@Northwestern Lehigh L 9-44:00 PM
04/17Palisades L 11-44:00 PM
04/18Whitehall L 15-44:00 PM
04/21@Whitehall L 9-14:00 PM
04/22@Phillipsburg L 14-411:30 AM
04/25Saucon Valley W 12-114:00 PM
04/26Bangor W 12-24:00 PM
05/05Pleasant Valley W 6-54:00 PM
05/08@Notre Dame G.P. W 8-64:00 PM
05/09Northampton L 15-44:00 PM
05/11Palisades W 12-114:00 PM
05/13Hazleton L 2-011:00 AM