Ed Snyder Award

Ed Snyder was an outstanding athlete, respected teacher, and a successful coach. He taught his players to be aggressive, to be devoted to the game, to respect teammates and coaches, and to have high ideals in sportsmanship. Coach Snyder also stressed high standards in academics and leadership both on and off the field. He was the captain of the 1944 baseball team at Easton, and also captained the Lafayette College baseball team in 1950. He was the Head Baseball Coach at EAHS from 1954-1966. Ed Snyder passed away in 1967. On June 1, 1968, his friends and colleagues dedicated a plaque and an annual award given to the player who best exemplifies his attributes. With this award, Ed Snyder and his ideals continue to be a part of the baseball program at EAHS.

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Jake Fulmer and George Thomas 2023
Simeon Reed 2022
Isaak Torres 2021
Luke Storm 2020
Dan Mazzeo 2019
Chris Hess 2018
Liam Hughes and Colin Crowell 2017
Corey Webb and Bryan Reagle 2016
Conor Smith 2015
Erik Oakley and Matt Semanick 2014
Ryan Briskie 2013
Michael LaDuca and Richard Llagas 2012
Kevin Nemeth and Greg Butto 2011
Matt Mink and Shane Raymond 2010
Ian Oakley 2009
Jarred Holley 2008
Josh and Brendan Lopes 2007
Ben Spidale 2006
Ian McCutcheon 2005
Anthony Ventola 2004
Joel Hockman 2003
Jason Brewer and Kyle Arcury 2002
Mike Van Dyk 2001
T.J. Heimbach 2000
James Happel 1999
Andrew Swavely 1998
Matt Snare 1997
Mike Bolmer 1996
Ben Brignola 1995
Scott Ordway 1994
Mike Mazzarese 1993
Darren Sutton 1992
Ray Thompson 1991
Dave Hartranft 1990
Bruce Heitzman and Brook Mellman 1989
Scott Fehnel 1988
Pat O'Connell 1987
John Brown 1986
Scott Ransom 1985
Kevin Transue 1984
A.J. Karanikolas 1983
Tom Hughes 1982
Bryan Kostishion 1981
Bill Houston and Lendell Jones 1980
No winner awarded 1979
David Barbera, David Lambert, and Jeff Miller 1978
Robert Renfrew 1977
Robert Steckel 1976
Laird "Skip" Limberg 1975
Daniel Finocchio Jr. 1974
Kurt Storm and Jimmy Hutnik 1973
James Parnell 1972
Anthony LaStella 1971
Edward Lakompski 1970
Tom Phillips 1969
James Happel and Barry Kessler 1968
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03/19@Dieruff W 12-24:00 PM
03/21Northampton W 5-34:00 PM
03/25@Stroudsburg L 8-74:00 PM
04/08@Liberty L 2-04:45 PM
04/10Parkland L 9-54:00 PM
04/15Freedom L 11-14:00 PM
04/18@Nazareth W 6-56:30 PM
04/19@E. Stroudsburg N W 24-64:00 PM
04/20Acton-Boxboro W 10-111:00 AM
04/22Dieruff W 6-14:00 PM
04/24@Freedom L 6-44:00 PM
04/25@Beth. Catholic L 11-74:00 PM
04/27Pocono Mt. East L 5-12:00 PM
04/28@Central Catholic L 4-31:00 PM
04/30Liberty L 16-04:00 PM
05/02Nazareth L 7-34:00 PM
05/03Phillipsburg L 5-47:00 PM
05/04Abington L 15-74:00 PM
05/08Beth. Catholic L 8-34:00 PM
05/11West Chester East L 8-75:00 PM
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03/19Dieruff W 13-34:00 PM
03/21@Northampton L 10-94:00 PM
03/25Stroudsburg W 8-74:00 PM
04/06Pocono Mt. East L 7-610:00 AM
04/08Liberty W 7-64:45 PM
04/10Nazareth W 6-14:00 PM
04/15@Freedom W 5-44:00 PM
04/16@Parkland L 7-54:00 PM
04/19E. Stroudsburg N W 16-04:00 PM
04/20Acton-Boxboro W 16-82:00 PM
04/22@Dieruff W 17-04:00 PM
04/24Freedom L 12-114:00 PM
04/26@Beth. Catholic W 14-44:00 PM
04/27Phillipsburg W 8-42:00 PM
04/30@Liberty L 9-64:00 PM
05/02@Nazareth L 17-24:00 PM
05/04Abington W 13-124:00 PM
05/08Beth. Catholic W 14-54:00 PM
05/11West Chester East L 7-110:00 AM
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03/22Bangor W 12-24:00 PM
03/25@Stroudsburg L 7-64:00 PM
04/06@Notre Dame G.P. W 18-111:00 AM
04/09Saucon Valley W 4-14:00 PM
04/13@Central Catholic W 11-311:00 AM
04/15Northwestern Lehigh L 7-44:00 PM
04/17@Whitehall L 7-34:00 PM
04/20@Palisades W 13-11:00 PM
04/22Moravian Academy (PPD)4:00 PM
04/23Saucon Valley T 10-104:00 PM
04/26@Bangor W 17-14:00 PM
04/27Phillipsburg W 10-110:00 AM
05/01@Palisades W 10-04:00 PM
05/04@Catasauqua W 6-111:00 AM
05/06 @ Phillipsburg (PPD)4:00 PM
05/07Notre Dame G.P. W 8-14:00 PM
05/10West Chester East L 7-35:00 PM