2011 Varsity Stats

Batting Statistics

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Butto, Greg23887626185217251960.3420.4190.919
Anderson, Scott237964161033011828180.2500.3470.737
Case, Colin2385702519321151821290.3570.4590.959
Nemeth, Kevin23826324128131916413180.3810.5001.183
Bisci, Jonathan238076158115151102210.1970.2150.649
Xiques, Steven133431550002412100.1610.2350.397
Mulrine, Conor237968241851010103890.3530.4430.899
Hayden, Ian215148972004702160.1880.2160.445
Bryant, Chase13343066000810450.2000.2940.494
Brown, Austin1111900000011150.0000.1820.182
Olah, Zachery18343087100350360.2670.3330.633
Beinlich, Nicholas14312965100151180.2070.2580.499
Jackson, Chris72100000040100.0000.5000.500
Mancuso, Dominick59822000110130.2500.3330.583
Jordan, Gerard11000000000100.0001.0001.000
Maxwell, Emmanuel11100000000010.0000.0000.000
Lawson, Alex44422000010020.5000.5001.000
Hernandez, Luis8221943100100340.2110.3180.581
Souders, Justin23300000000010.0000.0000.000
Totals, Team237306301721223010109711715711420.2730.3570.757

Pitching Statistics

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Anderson, Scott37.009430342211183121.781.410
Lawson, Alex28.6712030312823162794.811.640
Souders, Justin26.6764102815882111.801.350
Bisci, Jonathan28.678320342016151933.351.710
Beinlich, Nicholas15.677021128831123.060.960
Mancuso, Dominick14.6751001310651422.451.230
Jordan, Gerard2.0020003200500.001.500
Olah, Zachery0.6710001211009.003.000
Team, Totals154.0023121111561077366128192.841.440
  • Next Meeting
    To Be Announced
    EAHS, Room C111
  • Next Meeting
    To Be Announced
    EAHS, Room C111
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Upcoming Games
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03/30Hazleton W 7-14:00 PM
04/04@Pocono Mt West W 20-04:00 PM
04/08Liberty L 11-51:00 PM
04/11Freedom L 4-34:00 PM
04/13@Pleasant Valley L 5-34:00 PM
04/17@Allen W 5-112:00 PM
04/18Dieruff W 11-14:00 PM
04/20Nazareth L 5-24:00 PM
04/22Beth. Catholic W 4-311:00 AM
04/24@Liberty L 3-04:00 PM
04/26Voorhees W 7-31:30 PM
04/27@Dieruff W 3-04:30 PM
05/01@Emmaus L 8-16:00 PM
05/03Allen W 9-04:00 PM
05/04Exeter Township W 8-44:00 PM
05/08@Freedom L 6-54:00 PM
05/10@Beth. Catholic W 9-34:00 PM
05/11E. Stroudsburg S W 11-14:00 PM
05/12Whitehall W 7-04:00 PM
05/18Phillipsburg W 4-06:30 PM
05/22@Stroudsburg L 3-24:30 PM
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03/30Hazleton (PPD)4:00 PM
04/05Pocono Mt West W 15-04:00 PM
04/08@Liberty L 6-111:00 AM
04/11@Freedom W 12-14:00 PM
04/13Pleasant Valley L 3-24:00 PM
04/17Allen W 12-212:00 PM
04/18@Dieruff W 14-34:00 PM
04/20@Narareth W 5-14:00 PM
04/22@Beth. Catholic W 10-011:00 AM
04/24Liberty L 10-04:00 PM
04/26Voorhees W 13-510:00 AM
04/28Dieruff W 11-14:00 PM
05/01Emmaus L 7-44:00 PM
05/03@Allen W 9-74:00 PM
05/04Exeter Township W 8-14:00 PM
05/08Freedom W 2-14:00 PM
05/10Beth. Catholic L 11-83:30 PM
05/11@E. Stroudsburg S W 13-54:00 PM
05/12@Whitehall W 12-24:00 PM
05/18@Phillipsburg W 7-43:00 PM
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04/08Bangor W 12-610:00 AM
04/10@Wilson West Lawn L 13-84:15 PM
04/15@Hazleton W 9-312:00 PM
04/15@Hazleton W 2-02:00 PM
04/19@Bangor W 10-04:15 PM
04/24Wilson West Lawn W 5-44:15 PM
04/25Voorhees W 3-21:30 PM
05/03@JT Lambert (MS-ESS) W 13-23:30 PM
05/10@Governor Mifflin L 4-24:00 PM
05/10@Governor Mifflin W 4-06:00 PM
05/11Phillipsburg W 5-34:30 PM
05/15JT Lambert (MS-ESS) W 11-24:00 PM
05/19@Phillipsburg W 14-64:00 PM
05/23@Spring-Ford L 5-14:00 PM
05/23@Spring-Ford L 6-16:00 PM