2017 Varsity Stats

Batting Statistics

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Mayorca, Dominick32222000210001.0001.0002.000
Spray, Zach217363272070017190720.4290.4661.005
Boylan, Sean2175582115600101431260.3620.4930.959
Baiardi, Stephen195442149320111321070.3330.4810.981
Olsen, Eddie2164501610330131117110.3200.4070.907
Yannuzzelli, Nick20665716160001381590.2810.3490.630
Hughes, Liam20665915105009112280.2540.3020.641
Hubbard, Cameron217057141022013186680.2460.3710.722
Poulson, Scott2054419530181028160.2200.3650.731
Mazzeo, Daniel135511000010030.2000.2000.400
Crowell, Colin204541880005512120.1950.2500.445
Storm, Luke12161421100021120.1430.2500.464
Hess, Christopher1633212200006110120.0950.4060.501
Cooley, Mark17222122000020130.0950.1360.232
Escobar, Jayden103300000030000.0000.0000.000
Phillips, Hunter54300000000110.0000.2500.250
Joyce, Isaiah33300000000010.0000.0000.000
Hynes, Danny52200000000010.0000.0000.000
Crosswell, Justin43200000000110.0000.3330.333
Washington, G.53200000000110.0000.3330.333
Bevins, Bailey32200000000010.0000.0000.000
Campbell, Colin21000000000100.0001.0001.000
Gustofson, Eric00000000000000.0000.0000.000
Pambianchi, Chris61100000020000.0000.0000.000
Totals, Team21670552149111307110112620751060.2700.3740.729

Pitching Statistics

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Hess, Christopher1.0010000000000.000.000
Yannuzzelli, Nick1.0010000001100.001.000
Poulson, Scott59.201053043178174770.941.006
Gustofson, Eric5.0011005110421.401.000
Olsen, Eddie34.0013440322010133322.061.324
Campbell, Colin2.1041002110203.000.857
Mayorca, Dominick6.1050006434513.321.579
Joyce, Isiah7.00510011445804.001.574
Pambianchi, Chris20.108110211513111204.481.574
Totals, Team136.20211380120624051112122.051.251
  • Next Meeting
    To Be Announced
    EAHS, Room C111
  • Next Meeting
    To Be Announced
    EAHS, Room C111
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Upcoming Games
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04/05Pocono Mt West W 13-34:00 PM
04/06Allen W 11-04:00 PM
04/10@Freedom L 4-14:00 PM
04/12Pleasant Valley W 11-04:00 PM
04/17@Dieruff W 15-04:00 PM
04/20@Nazareth W 12-54:00 PM
04/22@Beth. Catholic W 13-11:00 PM
04/23Liberty W 8-33:30 PM
04/23Liberty W 17-84:00 PM
04/26E. Stroudsburg S W 19-04:00 PM
04/28Dieruff W 8-111:00 AM
04/30@Phillipsburg W 11-47:00 PM
05/01Emmaus W 5-34:00 PM
05/02@Allen W 16-24:15 PM
05/04@Whitehall W 9-54:00 PM
05/05Hazleton W 8-54:00 PM
05/07Freedom W 3-14:00 PM
05/08@Fleetwood L 3-24:15 PM
05/09Beth. Catholic W 10-44:00 PM
05/12Pleasant Valley W 10-211:00 AM
05/18Emmaus W 7-311:15 AM
05/18Parkland L 8-02:30 PM
05/23Freedom L 4-24:30 PM
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03/28Liberty L 7-04:00 PM
04/10Freedom L 14-104:00 PM
04/12@Pleasant Valley W 8-54:00 PM
04/13@Pocono Mt West W 20-04:00 PM
04/20Nazareth W 5-44:00 PM
04/21Beth. Catholic W 10-011:00 AM
04/23@Liberty W 2-14:00 PM
05/01@Emmaus W 6-24:00 PM
05/02Allen L 4-13:30 PM
05/02Allen W 10-35:00 PM
05/04Whitehall W 11-14:00 PM
05/05Hazleton W 11-34:00 PM
05/07@Freedom L 6-24:00 PM
05/08Fleetwood W 13-104:15 PM
05/09@Beth. Catholic L 13-124:00 PM
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04/09Pocono Mt. East Jr. HS W 9-34:15 PM
04/13Pleasant Valley M.S. W 11-14:00 PM
04/14@Hazleton L 3-111:00 AM
04/14@Hazleton L 17-141:00 PM
04/21@Bangor W 13-010:00 AM
04/23@Wilson West Lawn W 6-04:00 PM
04/24Stroudsburg Jr HS W 11-04:00 PM
04/28Govenor Mifflin W 11-312:00 PM
04/28Govenor Mifflin W 8-02:00 PM
04/30JT Lambert (MS-ESS) W 11-24:00 PM
05/01@Pocono Mt. West Jr. HS W 19-14:00 PM
05/03@Central Catholic W 12-14:00 PM
05/05@Phillipsburg W 12-210:00 AM
05/10Wilson West Lawn L 11-04:15 PM