2024 Varsity Stats

Batting Statistics

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Wagner, Zach23211000110110.5000.6671.167
Secero, Anton58522000210320.4000.6251.025
Shollenberger, Chase1964541812321101127120.3330.4220.940
Singto, Khamryn16584715141005132940.3190.4480.789
Suffness, Anthony20544113121007112990.3170.4440.786
LaQuintano, Alex1862511612400101038160.3140.4350.828
Rodriguez, Harol12272377000600240.3040.3460.651
Chieffo, Nick17564814113001270880.2920.3930.747
Ordway, Cole207663171601091446150.2700.3600.662
Jackson, Isa1848391091005100960.2560.3960.678
Perry, Chad44410010320020.2500.2501.000
Galiotto, Rowan56411000020210.2500.5000.750
Fuller, Nolan7161331200241220.2310.3750.760
Brooking, Spencer20674811920041041440.2290.4390.710
Crossman, Kurtis153433742106510160.2120.2350.569
Ricicki, Stephen8252133000401240.1430.2400.383
Sonsini, AJ14201722000220320.1180.2500.368
Pagotto, Brogan13128000000102220.0000.3330.333
Mattes, Zach31000000130100.0001.0000.000
Team, Totals2064152114111619518911622881100.2710.3930.725

Pitching Statistics

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Pagotto, Brogan0.0010000000000.000.000
White, Braden11.108200156451002.471.765
Ricicki, Stephen16.1041202014651722.571.531
Fuller, Nolan28.008040302014192543.501.750
Shollenberger, Chase4.0020003423433.501.500
Mattes, Zach17.00702023141031514.121.529
Secero, Anton10.208021141074514.591.688
Perry, Chad6.205010118741007.352.250
Galiotto, Rowan20.208220293225251028.472.613
Gruber, Gavin11.0051001218161315410.182.273
Garcia, Daniel1.00200013233114.004.000
Wagner, Zach1.10400054420121.005.250
Team, Totals128.002061311631339786114195.311.945
  • Next Meeting
    Wednesday, August 16th
    EAHS Library
  • Next Meeting
    Wednesday, August 16th
    EAHS Library
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Upcoming Games
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03/19@Dieruff W 12-24:00 PM
03/21Northampton W 5-34:00 PM
03/25@Stroudsburg L 8-74:00 PM
04/08@Liberty L 2-04:45 PM
04/10Parkland L 9-54:00 PM
04/15Freedom L 11-14:00 PM
04/18@Nazareth W 6-56:30 PM
04/19@E. Stroudsburg N W 24-64:00 PM
04/20Acton-Boxboro W 10-111:00 AM
04/22Dieruff W 6-14:00 PM
04/24@Freedom L 6-44:00 PM
04/25@Beth. Catholic L 11-74:00 PM
04/27Pocono Mt. East L 5-12:00 PM
04/28@Central Catholic L 4-31:00 PM
04/30Liberty L 16-04:00 PM
05/02Nazareth L 7-34:00 PM
05/03Phillipsburg L 5-47:00 PM
05/04Abington L 15-74:00 PM
05/08Beth. Catholic L 8-34:00 PM
05/11West Chester East L 8-75:00 PM
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03/19Dieruff W 13-34:00 PM
03/21@Northampton L 10-94:00 PM
03/25Stroudsburg W 8-74:00 PM
04/06Pocono Mt. East L 7-610:00 AM
04/08Liberty W 7-64:45 PM
04/10Nazareth W 6-14:00 PM
04/15@Freedom W 5-44:00 PM
04/16@Parkland L 7-54:00 PM
04/19E. Stroudsburg N W 16-04:00 PM
04/20Acton-Boxboro W 16-82:00 PM
04/22@Dieruff W 17-04:00 PM
04/24Freedom L 12-114:00 PM
04/26@Beth. Catholic W 14-44:00 PM
04/27Phillipsburg W 8-42:00 PM
04/30@Liberty L 9-64:00 PM
05/02@Nazareth L 17-24:00 PM
05/04Abington W 13-124:00 PM
05/08Beth. Catholic W 14-54:00 PM
05/11West Chester East L 7-110:00 AM
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03/22Bangor W 12-24:00 PM
03/25@Stroudsburg L 7-64:00 PM
04/06@Notre Dame G.P. W 18-111:00 AM
04/09Saucon Valley W 4-14:00 PM
04/13@Central Catholic W 11-311:00 AM
04/15Northwestern Lehigh L 7-44:00 PM
04/17@Whitehall L 7-34:00 PM
04/20@Palisades W 13-11:00 PM
04/22Moravian Academy (PPD)4:00 PM
04/23Saucon Valley T 10-104:00 PM
04/26@Bangor W 17-14:00 PM
04/27Phillipsburg W 10-110:00 AM
05/01@Palisades W 10-04:00 PM
05/04@Catasauqua W 6-111:00 AM
05/06 @ Phillipsburg (PPD)4:00 PM
05/07Notre Dame G.P. W 8-14:00 PM
05/10West Chester East L 7-35:00 PM